After a career in college bookstore management, and a brief stint mommy blogging, I changed my focus to writing and editing. I started at in 2011 copy editing and writing TV recaps, parenting, sports and hard news stories.

Just over a month into my seven-year tenure with the site, I started working with the site’s hires. From there, I helped vet the site’s next round of interns, eventually rebuilding the program so it met federal hiring standards.

Through that process I created a better application process using Google Forms to offer the most interested and best-qualified students a spot in the program. I also created a comprehensive instructions manual on Google Sites.

Newsday: LI people on the move, Oct. 15, 2013

In 2012 I earned the title of senior editor, a year after that, managing editor.

From there, in 2019, I moved to where I am currently the senior managing editor. Part of my job is to train new writers on company procedures and publishing, then coached them through two-week trials. Once they are officially hired, I continue to to provide oversight and feedback on their work.

I also started in 2019 with my husband as part of the GreaterLongIsland Media Group. The hyperlocal site covers all the positive happenings in the community. We also have interns from local colleges training with us — right now, they are learning how to be a reporter in the middle of a pandemic.

Most recently, I did some passive recruiting for

Today I am searching for more possibilities.

Specialties: recruiting, training, content management, organization, writing, editing, social media

Newsday: LI MOMENT Wednesday 10 42 a.m. University Bookstore Stony Brook... This Shop Runs By the Book
Newsday: LI MOMENT Wednesday 10 42 a.m. University Bookstore Stony Brook… This Shop Runs By the Book