THECELEBRITYCAFE.COM, ONLINE MAGAZINE                                                                 JANUARY 2011 TO PRESENT

Editor in Chief (2015-2017)
Managing Editor (Oct. 2013-Dec. 2015, Aug. 2017-present)
Senior Editor (May 2011- Oct. 2013)
Writer/Editor (Feb. 2011 – May 2011)

  •  Managed, mentored and motivated an editorial team of over 100 people nationwide
  •  Assigned, edited and coordinated content such as news briefs, listicles, music and movie reviews, TV news and recaps and celebrity interviews for a site that produced up to 80 stories daily
  •  Wrote breaking news, features stories, television new, listicles and opinion pieces
  •  Served as the primary point of contact for the company in New York, working with staff across the U.S., in Tokyo, Singapore and the Philippines
  •  Engaged with over 3,000 public relations professionals for unique content ideas and exchanges
  •  Implemented tools such as a universal email address for editors and to improve internal communication
  •  Processed over 100 intern applicants a semester using a custom recruiting system that improved retention rates to almost 100 percent from 50 percent
  •  Trained 10-15 interns each semester, some of whom went on to companies like MTV, VH1, Variety, Showtime, New York Daily News and Newsday
  •  Oversaw social media footprint on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, Digg, Delicious
  •  Ran weekly editorial meetings for training and delivering required action items
  •  Increased monthly page views from 4.5 million to 6.5 million
  •  Doubled followers on Facebook and Twitter; created accounts with Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram
  •  Created guidelines for the use of photos from social media, television networks and movie houses
  •  Created contact database for television networks and movie houses which improved coverage and increased page views
  •  Developed a comprehensive instruction manual to train team members in a virtual environment
  •  Reviewed daily Google Analytics to identify reader-preferred topics and increased and targeted coverage accordingly
  •  Redeveloped the internship program bringing it up to federal guidelines for training to include a single email address for easy access to all editors, weekly assignments and tasks, training in social media practices as well as communication with public relations professionals
  •  Reached out to journalism professors nationwide to garner support for the program and gained approval from top-notch schools such as Penn State, Ohio State, Arizona State
  •  Attended career fairs for communications students at local universities
  •  Introduced live-tweeting for awards shows and television finales, which became standard practice
  •  Recapped 5 television shows per week including American Idol, Chicago Code
  • Wrote news briefs for subsites SAHMAnswers, ToTheCenter and Sportsrageous which are now closed

FASHION WEEK, ONLINE MAGAZINE                                                                               FEBRUARY 2015 – NOVEMBER 2016

Editor in Chief (In conjunction with

  • Redesigned style and content of
  • Recruited a team of 10 editors, freelancers and interns for fashion-specific projects
  • Wrote, assigned and edited stories for publication
  • Organically quadrupled following on Facebook and Twitter in 9 months
  • Wrote stories that were used as a basis for scripts on FashionOne.TV news

CELESTIAL WHISPERS INC                                                                                                    JANUARY 2008 – JANUARY 2011

  • Scheduled appointments and maintained multi-service waiting list for Mary Occhino, the former host of Sirius/XM’s “Angels on Call,“ star of Syfy’s “Mary Knows Best” and author of 3 non-fiction books
  • Created an email address and contact form system; responded to emails
  • Collected payments, sent invoices and set up payment links via PayPal
  • Coordinated in-house seminars, promoted event on the website, Facebook and Twitter, created and sent invitations, managed payments and guest list
  • Created an online store with WordPress

UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE, STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY                                      FEBRUARY 2000 – JUNE 2002

  • Ran the bookstore’s $3.5 million textbook department
  • Managed the department’s staff, as well as its purchasing, inventory and returns programs
  • Bought textbooks to supply books for 20,000 students taking hundreds of classes using sales history and speculation of sales as a guide
  • Balanced registers and safe up to three times a week and book buyback funds giving out up to $15,000 a day during peak periods
  • Coordinated the store’s back-to-school and end-of-semester sales programs
  • Created an in-house online requisition system before the concept went mainstream
  • Assisted in transition of bookstore management in 2002




  • Ran the day-to-day operations of the $2.4 million medical bookstore.
  • Ordered textbooks, school and medical supplies, clothes, gifts and novelties and sundries.
  • Implemented an e-mail textbook ordering and confirmation program.
  • Handled day to day sales reports, deposits, safe and register balancing.
  • Handled staffing, scheduling and payroll.
  • Coordinated special events such as graduation and publisher promotional sales. 


Writing; Editing; Recruiting; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram; WordPress and Drupal content management systems; Google Analytics; Google Forms; Google Docs; Microsoft Office; Word; Excel; Google Calendar; Thunderbird


Press Club of Long Island chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists


STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY, BACHELORS, US HISTORY                                                                                          2004

Activities: Editorial Page Editor, The Stony Brook Statesman