Journalism has been in my life a long time, even when I wasn’t working in the industry I was learning and researching the profession.

I started at in 2011 doing some editing and writing TV recaps to fuel my addiction. I did work for the subsites as well, writing parenting, sports and hard news stories.

Just over a month in, I started working with the site’s interns. I put what I had learned from all my questions into a Google site to help teach them.

I helped vet’s next round of interns. With 15 years of reading resumes under my belt, it was easy.

The hard part was finding out a resume and writing samples don’t mean an intern will work out, especially in a virtual office. So I worked on a better application process and tweaked it repeatedly to offer the most interested and best-qualified students a spot in the program. I also created a comprehensive instructions manual. Did I mention the program follows all federal unpaid internship guidelines and has been approved by Ivy League schools?

Newsday: LI people on the move, Oct. 15, 2013

In 2012 I got the title of senior editor, a year after that managing editor.

In that time also researched how to legally use photos from press sites, social media and press releases. And learned a lot about legalese during the process.

I am currently managing editor of

What do I do? I write, quite a bit actually. I assign stories. I run the internship program. I also coordinate special features with public relations representatives and oversee social media practices.

I actually started on Facebook to play games. It goes back to some of my original work writing video game reviews for TCC.

I made use of the platform, as well as Twitter, in another virtual office as the personal assistant to a popular radio and TV personality, also a psychic – medium. I set up appointments for a two-year waiting list, built a mailing list of thousands and helped maintain an online store. I also helped with travel plans and destination activities for seminar attendees.

In the past year, I have been key to rebranding and modernizing this 23-year-old site, bringing the idea of modern celebrity to the forefront of coverage and with it a wealth of new readers.

Want to ask me questions? Find me on social media or use the contact form!

Specialties: management, content management, organization, writing, editing, social media

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Newsday: LI MOMENT Wednesday 10 42 a.m. University Bookstore Stony Brook… This Shop Runs By the Book