I never meant to have the career I do. It seems odd now, but it’s true. I planned to be a teacher – high school history actually.

I started at TheCelebrityCafe.com in 2011 doing some editing and writing TV recaps to fuel my addiction. I did work for the subsites as well, writing parenting, sports and hard news stories.

I couldn’t help myself, I just kept asking questions; how to do things and of course, why?

Just over a month in, I started working with the site’s interns. I put what I had learned from all my questions into a Google site to help teach them.

I helped vet TheCelebrityCafe.com’s next round of interns. With 15 years of reading resumes under my belt, it was easy.

The hard part was finding out a resume and writing samples don’t mean an intern will work out, especially in a virtual office. We had a 50 percent failure rate. I hate failure. So I worked on a better application process and tweaked it repeatedly to offer the most interested and best-qualified students a spot in the program. I also created a comprehensive instructions manual. Did I mention the program follows all federal unpaid internship guidelines and has been approved by Ivy League schools?

While I was doing that I also started pushing content ideas. And asking more questions. I started getting daily Google analytics reports. And asked more questions.

Newsday: LI people on the move, Oct. 15, 2013

In 2012 I got the title of senior editor, a year after that managing editor.

In that time also researched how to legally use photos from press sites, social media and press releases. And learned a lot about legalese during the process.

I am currently managing editor of TheCelebrityCafe.com.

What do I do? I write, quite a bit actually. I assign stories. I run the internship program. I also coordinate special features with public relations representatives and oversee social media practices.

I love social media. I mean, it goes hand in hand with celebrity gossip and bad parenting advice, plus I do have to make dinner!

I actually started on Facebook to play games. It goes back to some of my original work writing video game reviews for TCC.

I made use of the platform, as well as Twitter, in another virtual office as the personal assistant to a popular radio and TV personality, also a psychic – medium. I set up appointments for a two-year waiting list, built a mailing list of thousands and helped maintain an online store. I also helped with travel plans and destination activities for seminar attendees.

Social media changes every day, and I have incorporated the use of Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Instagram to both sites daily procedure, as well as my own life. I am still scared of SnapChat, but I am learning!

In what feels like a previous life, I was a college bookstore manager, running multi-million operations and driving up sales during a tough, competitive business environment at both Matthews Book Company, Wallace’s College Book Company and Barnes & Noble College Booksellers. My love for virtual systems showed even back then, when I started an email-based requisition system in 1998, before the world became completely automated.

I also did a few years at Home Depot, cashiering when I went back to school to finish my degree. I could take in 20K in cash alone in an 8-hour shift and earned cashier of the month multiple times. My favorite spot? Garden in winter selling Christmas trees. People are always happy buying Christmas trees.

Want to ask me questions? Find me on social media or use the contact form!

Specialties: management, content management, organization, writing, editing, social media

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Newsday: LI MOMENT Wednesday 10 42 a.m. University Bookstore Stony Brook… This Shop Runs By the Book